Great Success at 2019 China High-Tech Fair

On November 17, the 21st China Hi-Tech Fair was successfully concluded. Sunshine IP International reached cooperation intentions with many enterprises, and delivered a great result! Next let us review together, in the short 5 days of China High-Tech Fair, those wonderful shots that belong to Sunshine!


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Recently, the Beijing Patent Agents Association publicized the results of the selection of outstanding patent agencies and outstanding patent attorneys in Beijing for 2017-2018. Sunshine IP is once again selected as “Beijing Excellent Patent Agency” (leading agency). At the same time, Mr. Jie Zhang, the chairman of Sunshine, is awarded the title of “Outstanding Patent Agent of Beijing in 2017-2018” (outstanding agent).


GUIDELINES FOR PATENT EXAMINATION (Amended Based on Announcement No. 328)

However, due to the Notification to Make Divisional Application or the Office Action issued due to a unity defect in the divisional application by the examiner, the applicant would file another divisional application according to the Office Action made by the examiner, and the new divisional application shall be examined based on the divisional application that has unity-defect.

Sunshine IP Was Selected As the TOP 10 2018-2019 China IP Agency for Patent Administrative Litigation

On October 16th, the "TOP 10 2018-2019 China IP Agency for Patent Administrative Litigation" jointly issued by the authoritative IP media IPHOUSE, IPC and IPRdaily was released, and Sunshine IP international was selected as the TOP 10 2018-2019 China IP Agency for Patent Administrative Litigation.

Regulation Drafting by Sunshine IP Been Officially Released

Recently, led by the Beijing Patent Agents Association,  Beijing Sunshine Intellectual Property International Co., Ltd. and other five intellectual property service agencies to participate in the research and development of the "Professional Patent Service Business Documents Regulations" (T/BJPAA 002-2019) officially release.

Sunshine IP International General Manager Received Interview By Beijing TV Station

Recently, Sunshine IP International General Manager Mr. Jiangang Zhangwas interviewed by Beijing TV Station on the topic of “Intellectual Property Disputes in Start-up Enterprises”.

Industry news


China “Prioritized Patent Examination Program” New vs. Old
Sunshine IP International is Assigned by SIPO for Performing Environmental Research on Relevant Countries’ Intellectual Property System Along “The Belt and Road”

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