Sunshine IP International participated the 141st INTA Annual Meetinng

May 22th,2019

The 141st INTA Annual Meeting was held in Boston, USA from May 18 to May 22. Sunshine IP International was proud to be invited as a member of INTA and a Chinese leading intellectual property service agency to attend. Mr. Gary CHENG, our International Business Manager, participated this event.

The topic of the 141st INTA Annual Meeting was to introduce a series of rapid changes in the global IP industry. Some hot topics were discussed such as the global changes caused by the works and products protection under the network environment, integration of trademarks and AI, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), and how to run IP firms in the era of big data.

During the conference, the delegation shared with the participants regarding the outstanding achievements and useful experience of Sunshine in the field of China domestic trademark in recent years. At the same time, it also carried out extensive, full and frank exchanges with intellectual property participants of various countries. They have trusted and understood each other, established extensive and friendly business contacts, and reached a number of intentions for further cooperation, with fruitful results.

INTA is an international organization of trademark owners and industry professionals dedicates to supporting and promoting the development of trademarks and related IP. The annual INTA Annual Meeting has become the largest, the most active and the most eye-catching event in trademark in the world.

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