IP Operation and Investment

IP Operation Services provides consulting services from the birth of intellectual property rights to its end. Technology transfer intermediary services that understand market needs and conduct IP due diligence. Evaluation consulting services from the market value, legal value, and technical value. Conduct customer qualification surveys to reduce pledge risks and recommend appropriate intellectual property pledge financing services such as banks. Advising customers on IPR shareholding needs and assisting clients in reducing intellectual property rights.

The investment service is oriented to the intellectual property mining and development of enterprise technology innovation projects, helping domestic SMEs to effectively acquire core technology patents and gaining the leading position for enterprises to develop their competitive landscape in the future. Focus on incubating high-quality intellectual property innovation technology, mainly investing in start-up or growth enterprises with core patents and high-value patent portfolios, good market prospects, and high growth, helping enterprises to transform and realize commercialization of technological achievements.


  • IP Trade
  • Technology Development Intermediary Service
  • Technology Transfer Intermediary Service
  • IP Value Assessment
  • IP Pledge
  • IP Due Diligence
  • Patent Pool Construction
  • IP Management Service
  • Patent Project Licensing/Transfer
  • Trademark Project Licensing/Transfer
  • Patent Operation Risk Management and Control
  • Commercial Plan for IP Operation
  • Early equity investment
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship counseling
  • Industrial fund mergers and acquisitions
  • Technology incubation Corporate investment and financing services

Lead Management


IP Operation Director

Jian Huang

Director | General Manager of investment

Shengqian BAI

Investment Manager

Zhaofeng ZHANG

Assistant of Investment Manager

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