“5 Satisfactions” of Sunshine IP Litigation Team:

Satisfying Clients

Our attorneys fully exert professional abilities and conscientious attitudes in the cases to satisfy clients.

Satisfying Judges

Making judge satisfied is recognition for our attorneys’ professional abilities.

Satisfying Opposing Attorneys

Our attorneys gain admiration and respect of our professional abilities from opposing attorneys.

Satisfying opposite party

Satisfying opposite party not only means gaining their admiration of our attorneys’ professional abilities, but also means convincing them through reasonable application of the evidence and the law.

Satisfying Ourselves

Our attorneys are objective, rigorous, and responsible for the following legal process and historical test to satisfy ourselves.

 ——Jacky ZHANG, the Chairman and Founder of Sunshine IP


Chairman | Founder | Attorney at Law

Jiangang ZHANG

CEO | Litigator

Meihua ZHOU

Litigation Department Manager | Attorney at Law

Hongtuan LI

Director | Attorney at Law


Crary Cheng

National Star Patent Attorney | Litigator

Aimee Yuan

Patent Attorney | Attorney at Law

Xiaojuan Peng

Patent Attorney | Attorney at Law

Zach Zhu

Patent Attorney

Miaozhuo Yu

Patent Attorney

Yu Li

Patent Attorney

Yihan Wang

Patent Attorney

Xin Wang

Patent Attorney

Xiao LUO

Patent Attorney | Former Examiner

Wanyi SUN

Patent Engineer | Product Director

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