Professional Ability Guarantees Enterprise Innovation
Sunshine IP provides scientific and thorough strategic decision-making and intellectual support, and guides enterprise R&D planning and patent technology layout with the most rigorous and comprehensive professional level, closely combining industry trends and industrial development trends.

Solving Problems from Clients’ Perspective

Our consultant team provides the solutions for solving the practical IP problems from clients’ perspective with a professional IP level and attentive service concept.

Xiao Luo

IP Research Center Director | Associate Researcher

Zach Zhu

VP |Patent Examination Expert

Alex Li

Senior international IP Counsel


Nan Xie

IP Research Center Deputy Director

Shichong Pang

Patent Analyst | Ph.D

Li Wang

Patent Analyst | Ph.D

Lijuan Xie

Senior IP Counsel

Liyan Xie

Patent Analyst

Ting Zhang

Patent Analyst

Haoyun He

Patent Analyst

Ming Zhang

IP Counsel

Yan Tang

Senior IP Counsel

Dongchen Liu

Senior IP Counsel

Pianpian Wang

Senior IP Counsel

Yulong Sun

IP Counsel

Yaodong Xu

IP Counsel

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