YeahIP,, is a comprehensive IP domestic service platform created by Sunshine IP Group, intents to provide faster、more convenient, and more reassuring one-stop IP service covering IP application, litigation protection, strategy formulation , IP research and consulting, and IP innovation project valuation and investment, etc.

The services provided by YeahIP include trademark, patent, legal, innovative service, and copyright.

YeahIP has a number of high-quality service providers, such as Sunshine Intellectual Property International Co., Ltd, Sunshine Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd, YiJu Law Firm, Incoshare, Dongpeng IP, PingAn Insurance, and Lanraine Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd. etc. YeahIP takes advantage of constructing a system of “IP +Internet” to achieve safe, fast and convenient online-transactions, real-time service process tracking, and feedback notification, to ensure service quality and efficiency,and improve clients’ experience.

YeahIP platform launched the “Sunrise Plan” in May 2019, which aims to provide free IP basic training and promotion on service fee to universities, research institutes, technology-driven start-up companies, and business incubators.



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