Sunshine IP International is Assigned by SIPO for Performing Environmental Research on Relevant Countries’Intellectual Property System Along “The Belt and Road”


Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office of China decided to assign us to perform environmental research on intellectual property system on relevant countries in the middle east region along“The Belt and Road”.

With China's "The Belt and Road" strategy to promote the implementation of more Chinese enterprises continue to participate in investing, trading, and other economic and trade activities on countries along "The Belt and Road". The study will provide a solution and decision-making reference for enterprises involved in the handling of intellectual property rights in seven countries, including Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Palestine, and will help enterprises to fully understand the environmental conditions of the local intellectual property system. Also to avoid intellectual property risks, and to enhance the ability to deal with disputes.

Note: As early as 2011, our company has undertaken the environmental research work on India's intellectual property system assigned by China State Intellectual Property Office, and completed the formation of a formal research report. And by 2014 and 2016, we twice timely updated the overall content of the report, and have received unanimous praise and affirmation.