Sunshine Winning Cases were Selected as “2017 Beijing Top Ten Classic Patent Administrative Protection Litigation”

April 28, 2018

Recently, the Beijing Intellectual Property Protection Association was entrusted by the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office to hold the “2017 Beijing Top Ten Typical Patent Administrative Protection Litigation”. After the public’s online voting, as well as the deliberations and public announcements, Sunshine IP International’s China Quality Focus Magazine "Traceability of Product Quality Anti-Counterfeit Labels, Systems and Traceability of Anti-Counterfeiting Method" Patent Infringement Dispute Case and "Mobike Patent Infringement Disputes Cases" were selected. The Beijing Daily was reported on their April 24th’s issue.

The “Top Ten Cases” selected this time are typical cases that have been selected by the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office for administrative law enforcement cases in 2017 that have a relatively large social impact. This has played a role in enhancing the social awareness and public opinion guidance of intellectual property protection which is a positive effects in all aspects.

In 2017, Beijing further strengthened its law enforcement, improved its intellectual property protection system, and promoted the optimization of the business environment. Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office handled more than 1200 cases of patent administrative cases, an increase of 43.6% year-on-year, including a batch of patent dispute cases with relatively large social impacts such as shared bikes, and drones. These have effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of right holders, and the entire society. Awareness of intellectual property protection has improved significantly.

Sunshine has always been responsible for providing high-quality services to customers and rich experience in the field of intellectual property law. We focus through solid professional knowledge and reasonable solutions to effectively help customers make full use of the intellectual property system to consolidate their competitive position in the market. In recent years, Sunshine has also actively guided the rights holders to timely and effectively protect their rights through the administrative processing of patent infringement disputes.

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